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Basics of Risk Theory (SPbSTU Press, 2002)

Outlines of a lecture course of advanced Economic Risk Theory created for M.A. graduate students specializing in economics, management and business areas. The lecture course summarizes an 8-years experience in adapting and clarifying for economists a number of complicated math theories are presented such as catastrophe theory, fractal theory and fractal analysis techniques. The course

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Economic Risk Theory (SPbSTU Press, 1999)

The modern approaches to forecasting critical conditions and catastrophic events in complex economic systems are introduced. Examples of application of quantitative methods of the economic risk theory to analysis of stability and diagnostics in economic systems based on statistical and/or nonlinear processing of time series are represented. The main attention is devoted to ways of

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Decision making theory (SPbSTU Press, 1999)

Modern mathematical methods and approaches to solving various applied problems in frames of the general decision making theory are considered. The decision making theory deals with the process of optimal alternative selection from a set of possible alternatives and corresponding models. Exposition includes types of conditions for making the decision: full information condition (criteria analysis),

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Fractal approach in ecoonomics (Advanced Methods in Management, 1997)

New diagnostics and modeling approaches for dynamic processes of economics have been considered. It has been shown that most of economic variables exhibit complex fractal temporal behavior rather than simple trends or cycles implied by traditional approaches of economic time series analysis. Fractal analysis indices are suggested that allow to obtaining valuable information about degree

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