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Self-organized criticality in economics (Ann. SPbSTU, 1998)

A new approach to an investigation and modeling of dynamical systems in the economics is considered. Using a cellular automaton model, we show that stock markets, as complex systems with many coupled degrees of freedom, can operate in a stationary critical state associated with the regime of self-organized criticality (SOC). It is suggested that SOC condition is the optimal regime of functional activity of open economic systems. Simulation results indicate […]

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Fractal approach in ecoonomics (Advanced Methods in Management, 1997)

New diagnostics and modeling approaches for dynamic processes of economics have been considered. It has been shown that most of economic variables exhibit complex fractal temporal behavior rather than simple trends or cycles implied by traditional approaches of economic time series analysis. Fractal analysis indices are suggested that allow to obtaining valuable information about degree of process stability in the system and provide new possibilities for forecasting in economics and […]

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