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Uncertainty in Making Decisions (SPbSTU Press, 2005)

New edition of the lecture textbook. Main types of models used in the decision-making theory are presented with examples from business practice. The principle attention is paid to the problem of selection of useful information in decision-making process and solving the associated inverse problems. The contents are similar to the 1999 edition. O. Y. Uritskaya. Making Decisions under Risk and Limited Information Conditions // St. Petersburg: SPbSTU Press, 2005, 108 […]

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Planning at the company (SPbSTU Press, 2005)

The main types and organizing forms of companies, their structure, management and planning problems are considered. Examples of mistakes and successes of behavior and decisions at the markets are discussed. Main attention is paid to principles of organizing, financing and management of the company. The textbook is created for M.A. graduate students specializing in economics, management and business areas. O. Y. Uritskaya. Organizing and planning at the company // St. […]

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Risk Evaluation in Economic systems (SPbSTU Press, 2005)

A new lecture textbook for МА specializing in economics, mathematical and quantitative methods, macroeconomics and monetary economics. Basic forms of economic system stability and new quantitative methods and approaches to its are considered. Main attention is paid to issues of amount and sufficiency of information in the system. Novel approaches to forecasting and simulations of complex economic systems dynamics and their application examples are presented. O. Y. Uritskaya. Stability and […]

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Economic Risk Theory (SPbSTU Press, 1999)

The modern approaches to forecasting critical conditions and catastrophic events in complex economic systems are introduced. Examples of application of quantitative methods of the economic risk theory to analysis of stability and diagnostics in economic systems based on statistical and/or nonlinear processing of time series are represented. The main attention is devoted to ways of holistic modeling of stochastic economic system behavior and problems of quantitative estimation of economic risks. […]

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Decision making theory (SPbSTU Press, 1999)

Modern mathematical methods and approaches to solving various applied problems in frames of the general decision making theory are considered. The decision making theory deals with the process of optimal alternative selection from a set of possible alternatives and corresponding models. Exposition includes types of conditions for making the decision: full information condition (criteria analysis), risk or uncertainty condition (game theory) and partial information condition (statistical games or games against […]

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